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3 ottobre 2022

eTwinning and School Education Gateway migrate to the new European platform for school education

Since October 1st, the eTwinning community has been accessible exclusively through the new European platform for school education, the European School Education Platform (ESEP), which also includes the School Education Gateway.

All previous addresses, for example www.etwinning.net, twinspace.etwinning.net, www.schooleducationgateway.eu are already redirected to the new platform, which is organized in 3 access levels:

  1. a public level accessible to all, even non-registered users;
  2. an intermediate level accessible to registered ESEP users (not only teachers, but all staff interested in the school sector);
  3. an eTwinning level accessible only to ESEP users who are school teachers and who explicitly request access to the community (these users must then be validated by the eTwinning National Unit).


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