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5 maggio 2023

Debate National Championships 2023. The final in live streaming on Saturday 6 May

Translation by Giulia Lombardo

On Tuesday 2 May, the National Debate Championships – included among the competitions of excellence of the Ministry of Education and Merit – began in Marina di Massa at the Torre Marina Village. There are 32 participating teams, 20 for the Italian language section and 12 for the English language section, representing the 20 Italian regions.

The 128 students present in Marina di Massa have passed a complex selection, and undoubtedly represent the best debaters of the Italian schools.

More than 380 teams took part in the regional selections held in January, February, and March. As many as 1500 young people who confronted each other on demanding and challenging issues that they will have to face and manage in adult life. The debate reaffirms itself as the best training ground for analyzing the problems of our society in their complexity, weighing up the different points of view with a critical spirit to arrive at informed choices.

The week dedicated to the debate, which will see the participating teams hold 200 debates, will close on Saturday 6 May with the finals in Italian and English which will proclaim the two winning teams the 2023 National Debate Championships. The debaters of the two teams will be among the winners of the national competitions of the annual programme for the enhancement of excellence of the Ministry of Education and Merit.

The final in English can be followed in live streaming on Saturday 6 May starting at 08.30 am.