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13 giugno 2023

“Can the EU learn from experience?”, the event at Villa Salviati on 16 June in Florence

On Friday 16 June, the headquarters of the Historical Archives of the European Union in Villa Salviati, in Florence, will host the event «Can the EU learn from the experience?».

Organized by the European Parliament Former Members Association (EP FMA), in collaboration with the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) and with the Italian National Agency Erasmus+ Indire, the conference will analyze the relationship between young citizens and European institutions.

The three programmes developed to increase young people’s understanding, participation and mobility in Europe will be presented through the dialogue with the representatives of the institutions involved. Specifically, we will discuss the educational programme created by the Historical Archives of the European Union and the Association of former MEPs, the EP to Campus programme of EP FMA and the Erasmus+ programme, managed in Italy by the Indire’s Erasmus+ National Agency.

The music performance of the Brass Quintet of the Cherubini Conservatory of Florence will open the event. This will be followed by the institutional greetings of the Secretary General of the European University Institute Marco Del Panta and of the Vice-President of the Association of former Members of the European Parliament Monica Baldi.

The Director of the Historical Archives of the European Union, Dieter Schlenker will introduce the work that will continue with the interventions of George Papaconstantinou, former member of the European Parliament and Professor at the EUI School of Transnational Governance; Alain Lamassoure, also a former member of the European Parliament; Katia Rossi, Professor of the Elsa Morante State Institute of Higher Education and Matilde Paoli, student of the Ernesto Balducci State Institute of Higher Education.

The second session, organized by the Association of former members of the European Parliament, will see – among others – the participation of Michael Hindley and Manuel Porto, responsible for the FMA Council of the EP to Campus programme; by Natalia Cuglesan, Jean Monnet Professor at BabeșBolyai University, Cluj-Napoca in Romania; of M.D. Venkatesh (on video connection), Vice Chancellor of the Indian University of Manipal; as well as Eva Lichtenberger, a former member of the European Parliament and Riccardo Debrilli, a student at the LUISS University of Rome.

The event will end with a panel dedicated to the Erasmus+ Programme and to the value of the international dimension in the education sector, with particular reference to the European Year of Skills and international cooperation between Universities, to create new paths in response to the challenges that Europe must face. Speakers: Themis Christophidou, Director General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission (in video connection); Sara Pagliai, Coordinator of the Indire’s Erasmus+ National Agency; Giorgia Giovannetti, International Relations Delegate at the University of Florence with a representation of three female students who will bring their direct testimony as Erasmus Alumni: Irene Corradori and Federica Roldi, from the EUniWell University Alliance and Elisa De Cassai, from the Engineering Department.


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