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14 maggio 2018

The network of schools “Il Veliero Parlante” to host Indire’s researchers in Lecce

Until 19 May, the 9th edition of the Veliero Parlante festival takes place in Lecce (via Vecchia Frigole 36). The Veliero parlante is a network of schools made up of 44 schools in the Salento region which since 2008 have been experimenting an educational model where disciplinary contents are complemented by real-life tasks. The Veliero parlante has become a research community with the aim of revitalising students’ interest in school and individual pathways for competences building.

Also this year, during the entire week there will be conferences, meetings, screenings, shows, laboratories, reading marathons and training pathways for teachers and it will be possible to meet the protagonists and know about the projects of the schools belonging to the Puglia-based network (find the programme here).

Indire, being one of the sponsors of the event, will take part with the Research Director, Maria Chiara Pettenati, who on Tuesday 15 May at 4 pm will talk about  “New routs of education” with Dario Ianes, professor of Education and Special Pedagogy at the university of Bolzano and Stefania Pinnelli, professor of Education and Special Pedagogy at the university of Salento and Ornella Castellano, school leader of the Falcone di Copertino school district.  

On Friday 18 May, at 4 pm there will be the speeches of the researchers Maria Guida and Serena Goracci who will talk about the European project Scinetix within the conference “Archimedes’ room”. Scientix is a project which promotes and supports European cooperation between teachers of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math), researchers in pedagogy, policy makers and education professionals. The initiative is managed by  European Schoolnet on behalf of the European Commission. Over the years, the project has become an online community and a point of reference for the teaching of STEM subjects.

Indire is the Scientix Italian contact point and is in charge of promoting and disseminating knowledge about the project and also of selecting the most interesting materials and projects produced in our country to be published on the portal. The national activities receive great impetus from the Scintix ambassadors. One of them, the teacher Silvia Scandura will participate in the event on Friday 18 to present the many activities of the European community.

For information on the events on schedule visit the website or contact by email velieroparlante.info@gmail.com.


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