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23 aprile 2020

Indire’s archive opens its drawers for distance learning

In order to support teachers in their distance learning activity, Indire decided to launch a new initiative, this time starting from its historical heritage. The institute is one of the few in Italy possessing an archive specialized in the collection and valorisation of documentary material of historical and pedagogical interest. Currently the archive is made up of about 95 thousand documents (books and didactic material) and 14 thousand photographs. 

These images constitute a heritage of great value not only from a historical point of view but also form an educational perspective, as they can become a resource for studying and learning. 

This has given rise to, “Archive postcards”, an online rubric that every week will propose two images accompanied by food for thought and suggestions to design distance learning activities. 

In this way, through digital technology, an invisible thread is created to connect the schools of the past with those of the present. Reflections and ideas can generate from this and enrich students’ educational path.


See the new web section “Archive postcards” >>