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Research and Innovation for the Italian School

INDIRE, the National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research.

The Institute is the Italian Ministry of Education’s oldest research organization and is the benchmark for educational research in Italy. It was created in 1925 with the task of collecting and valorizing the work done by the schools of the time, supporting the evolution of the Italian school system over the years. INDIRE possesses a historical archive from the 19th-20th centuries, specializing in the collection of documentary material of historical/educational interest.

It is engaged in promoting innovation processes in schools: by developing new teaching models, trying out new technology for training courses, and seeking to redefine the relationship between space and time in both learning and teaching. In the field of innovation, INDIRE is engaged in a transformation of the traditional school model and promotes educational experiments with 3D printers, coding, virtual worlds, technologies and programming languages. The Institute has long experience in the in-service training of school staff. Using proactive monitoring, data banks and research reports, INDIRE observes and documents phenomena to do with school and work and the transformation of curricula in technical and professional education.

The Institute is part of the National Evaluation System in the field of education and training, and together with INVALSI and the inspectorate of the Ministry of Education, supports processes of improvement in teaching.

INDIRE is also the Italian Erasmus+ Agency for Schools, Universities and Adult Education.

"Giovanni Michelucci" Library, INDIRE Headquarters in Firenze, Italy
“Giovanni Michelucci” Library, INDIRE Headquarters in Firenze, Italy



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