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 The Minister Fioramonti at the opening conference of Fair Didacta Italy

The minister of Education, University and Reasearch, Lorenzo Fioramonti, will...

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Fair Didacta presented at the Miur

From 9 to 11 October the city of Florence will...

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The music of the Erasmus orchestra inaugurates Fair Didacta 2019

Tuesday 8  October the Erasmus orchestra comes back to Florence...

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Indire presents its research on small schools at the EERA international conference in Hamburg

EERA - European Educational Research Association is the international organisation...

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The call for paper for the international conference Fablearn Italy 2019 has opened

Fablearn Italy is the international conference entirely dedicated to the...

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The Erasmus programme at “Corri la Vita” 2019

[caption id="attachment_56399" align="alignright" width="350"]

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The European project Learning Leadership for change: from the perspective of one of the schools involved

Learning Leadership for Change (L2C) is a three-year European project...

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The Erasmus orchestra celebrates the values of Europe in Florence

On the occasion of the Festival of Europe 2019 and...

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The Indire’s archive becomes part of the “photography census”

In the last days, the registration of the Indire’s photographic...

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The international convention on Service learning in May in Lucca

From 8 May, Lucca hosts the international convention “Promoting citizenship,...

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The exhibition “Eighty years since the Fascist racial laws (1938-2018)” is online

The history of racial laws told through photos, drawings and...

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ImmersED, the festival of immersive education, in Lucca from 12 to 14 November

From 12 to 14 November, Indire, in collaboration with UIBI...

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Fair Didacta, the conference on small schools on 18 October

For the second consecutive year, Fair Didacta hosts an event...

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Our offices will be closed from the 13th to the 17th of August

We inform the public that the Indire/Erasmus+ offices in Florence,...

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The research on Small schools at the 18th ANCI National conference

On Friday 13 July, the indire research group participates in...

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Indire, Milan city council, USR Lombardy and Assodidattica pooled together to redesign school spaces

The collaboration between Milan city council, the school regional office...

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Indire is becoming more stable and stronger

Indire’s Board of Directors has decided to undertake the stabilisation...

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Indire’s research at the Forum on educational poverty in Rome

On 16 May in Rome there will be the Forum...

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Transforming learning spaces in schools: from vision to impact

On 16 May 2018, Indire is going to participate in...

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The Indire Researchers at the “Children’s Florence” festival

Indire is the scientific partner of “Children’s Florence”, the festival...

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Children’s Florence, from 4 to 6 May hundreds of events for the under 12

Everything is set for the new edition of “Children’s Florence”,...

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The Small Schools Movement at the OECD’s Rural Development Conference

From 9 to 12 April, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation...

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Indire’s research at the convention Sirem 2018

The convention Sirem 2018 is taking place in Bologna. Until...

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Open call to become part of the Erasmus orchestra in 2018

Following the inauguration concert of the Erasmus orchestra at the...

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The exhibition on inclusive education from the 30’ to now, in Florence

The photographic journey tracing back the history of school inclusion...

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Didacta Fair to be hosted in Florence until 2022

Fair Didacta is going to be held in Florence until...

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Fair Didacta Italy hits Hannover

The largest world Fair dedicated to education and training is...

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The festival of digital education in Lucca from 21 to 24 February

Once again this year, Indire is the scientific partner of...

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The convention “Memory Safe: the culture of safety” at the Acquario Romano, in Rome

On 12 December, the convention “Memory Safe: the culture of...

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Maker Faire Rome: Indire presents SugarCAD, the 3D software for schools

"Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 4.0 " is the...

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The new online training platform for newly appointed teachers has opened

The online training environment for newly appointed teachers and teachers...

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The Educational Avant-Garde’s gallery of ideas enriched

The gallery of ideas is the concrete representation of the...

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Fair Didacta, our photos of the event

Click on the picture to see the photo gallery of...

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Fair Didacta inaugurated in Florence, the workshops have already started

The first edition of Fair Didacta Italy, the event on...

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The Erasmus orchestra inaugurates Fair Didacta Italy

The Erasmus orchestra, the first orchestra made up of Erasmus...

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Two workshops on 3D printing at Didacta

At Fair Didacta Italy on 29 September there will be...

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The challenges and opportunities of school/work alternation

The Regulation 107/2015, referred to as “The good school” has...

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The photos of the Indire’s archive at Fair Didacta italy

Are you going to attend Fair Didacta Italy, in the...

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Fair Didacta Italy, adult education is the protagonist with EPALE

EPALE, the l'Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe is...

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28/9/17, eTwinning at Fair Didacta Italy

One of the 50 talks of Fair Didacta Italy (27-29...

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Fair Didacta Italy, an important conference on Erasmus+ on 29 September 2017

Erasmus plus and innovation” is the conference organised at Fair...

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Fair Didacta Italy, the free App to know all about the services offered at the event

Waiting for Fair Didacta Italy, which is going to be...

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12/7/17 the presentation of Fair Didacta Italy live on streaming

On Wednesday, 12, July Fair Didacta Italy will be presented...

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Indire at the States General of the mountain communities

The State General of the mountain communities took place on...

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Last places available for the summer school dedicated to the “small schools”

Enrolment to participate in the first edition of the summer...

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The “small schools” group together and sign their Manifesto

The conference, organised by Indire, "Innovation for quality education in...

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The conference on small schools in Favignana

On Saturday, 10 June, Indire organises on the island of...

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Fair Didacta Italy in Florence

Enrolment to participate in Fair Didacta Italy is already open....

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Fair Didacta Italy, online booking has been opened

Online booking to visit Fair Didacta Italy 2017 has been...

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Saturday 10 June in Favignana, the conference on small schools

On Saturday, June 10, Indire organises on the island of...

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The meeting on educational robotics at Indire

On Tuesday 6 April 2016, the conference hall “Lombardo Radice”...

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